The shop is open to the public again, with limited opening hours subject to volunteer availability! See the calendar below for  upcoming opening hours. 

We hope to achieve more normal operating hours in the future as we rebuild our volunteer capacity, but for now the schedule will be made on a week-to-week basis.

About WTF Night

On Wednesdays, the shop is set aside to welcome all people who are trans, femme, women, non-binary and others who feel that male dominated spaces aren’t for them. Come fix your bike in an open and welcoming ambiance!

Other Info

RTM also hosts occasional intensive workshop tutorials and other events. RTM is usually closed for a period of two weeks during the holidays.

RTM is located in the alley between Bishop and Mackay, below Sherbrooke, and behind Concordia University’s Hall building. The nearest metro station is Guy-Concordia; generally, you can transport your bicycle on the Metro (subway) on weekends all day, and on weekdays from 10-3 pm, and from 7 pm onward.

On this page, you’ll find a compiled list of Montreal community bike shops, with complete information, including local maps. The information here is maintained on a ‘reasonable-effort’ basis only.

For a wider perspective, Montreal’s Community Bike Shops is a cumulative map of local not-for-profit shops offering instruction and bicycle maintenance and repair facilities to the general public. Globally, there’s an open collaboration map available showing community bicycle organizations world-wide.