Other Shops

Here you’ll find a compiled list of Montreal community bike shops, with complete information, including local maps. The information here is maintained on a ‘reasonable-effort’ basis only.
Montreal’s Community Bike Shops is a cumulative map of existing not-for-profit shops offering instruction and bicycle maintenance and repair facilities to the general public. An analogue to the map above is an open collaboration map showing community bicycle organizations world-wide.

Technical Materials

Sheldon Brown is the encyclopedia about bike parts and bike maintenance.

Spoke Length Calculators is a local, in-progress collection of links to on-line spoke-length calculators (SLCs). From that page, you can open several calculators in new tabs/windows simultaneously (in order, for example, to make comparisons between SLCs, or to verify calculations made in one calculator with those made in another). “Measure twice, cut once”.

Confused about wheel sizes? This will settle it.

How To Ride in the City

Winter biking article, written by RTM/Lvl volunteers, and originally published in Carbusters Issue 21.
About Bike Theft is a site with information about bike-theft prevention.
How to Not Get Hit by Cars is a useful jumping-off point for tips on how to avoid being struck while riding on your bicycle.
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